Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)


A Graphical User Interface is like a name card for your product. Further, your product will be graded up by a graphical user interface and the usability will be improved. This effect will be enhanced by state-of the art input devices, e.g. touch panels or rotary push buttons, improving the intuitive usage of your product.

DOMOLOGIC offers a broad portfolio of innovative technologies and components to realize individual graphical user interfaces. This will save time and money already in the design phase, but also during the subsequent manufacturing and maintenance of the product. Thanks to the platform independence of our technology, your developments will run also on new generations of processors or displays, attenuating the next end-of-life announcement.

Features at a Glance
  • Low System Requirements, causing a low Product costs
  • Short Power-Up time: Approx. 1-2 seconds from Power-On to full System availability
  • Fast Screen set-up
  • Comprehensive Library of Graphical Widgets
  • Platform-independent Solution - Application-specific Software can be re-used for the next Product Generation
  • High Degree of Scalability: From 128x64 pixel up to VGA displays - or even larger

From the Idea to a Graphical User Interface


On basis of our technology you will be able to realize your ideas quickly, efficiently and unerringly. With access numerous proven flexible software components, you don't have to make compromises in your design. This is an important prerequisite for developing high-quality and inimitable products. You will be able to create graphical user interfaces for various hardware configurations - regardless if you intend to use a button-operated monochrome display or a touch-panel operated TFT display.

Integrierte Entwicklungsumgebung


The implementation of your individual graphical user interface becomes very easy with the Integrated Development Environment JControl/IDE. The JControl/IDE comes with a graphical "Drag & Drop" GUI Editor which enables you to implement your graphical user interface in short time just by a few mouse clicks. Once the graphical user interface has been created through this method, you only have to fill-in the program logic with the help of the integrated Java source code editor. With support of the integrated simulation environment, you will be able to test your application on a PC, which furthermore shortens the development time.

Software Library for demanding Graphical User Interfaces: JControl/XUI


JControl/XUI is a software library for complex graphical user interfaces. While much more lightweight, it resembles the API and the functional range of AWT/Swing. Programs implemented for these toolkits can be ported to JControl/XUI with only minor changes.

JControl/XUI provides a number of features currently mainly available on GUI toolkits for desktop systems. Its automatic layout management allows resolution independent design of graphical user interfaces. Once implemented, an application can be run on different display sizes: JControl/XUI takes care of adjusting the layout for an optimal user experience. The integrated Look & Feel mechanism facilitates custom-specific GUI designs with no changes to the actual application. The same application can be run in different colors, with different fonts, icons and input behaviour by simply changing the Look & Feel – even at runtime. JControl/XUI comes with a selection of standard GUI components including buttons, multi-level pop-up menus, scroll panels and many more.

Your Target Platform


Even though you already have a target platform or if you think on an individual hardware solution - our technology can be ported to any 32-Bit platform. We look forward to supporting you in the development of your individual cost-optimized hardware, customized to your individual needs. Just contact us!

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