Board Support Package (BSP) for the COBRA5329KIT

Board Support Package (BSP) for the COBRA5329KIT Evaluation Board
JControl BSP for ColdFire Platforms, Version 1.9 (2007-12-21)(2007-12-21)~177M

COBRA5329KIT Evaluation Board


With this Board Support Package (BSP), DOMOLOGIC delivers a port of its successful JControl platform to the COBRA5329KIT. The COBRA5329KIT is an evaluation board developed by EBV Elektronik and senTec Elektronik, based on the MCF5329 CPU by Freescale (code name "DragonFire"). Notable features are:

  • 240Mhz core frequency,
  • SVGA LCD controller,
  • USB 2.0 Host/On-The-Go controller,
  • 10/100Mbit Ethernet controller,
  • MMC (Multi Media Card),
  • CAN bus.

A display kit with a 320*240 TFT display is available from EBV Elektronik as COBRA5329-TFT.

JControl BSP


The JControl BSP for the COBRA5329KIT provides the JControl Firmware (a binary image running on the COBRA5329KIT), as well as the JControl/IDE an Integrated Development Environment running on a PC (under Windows or Linux).

JControl Firmware

With this BSP you will receive a limited demo version of the JControl Firmware. While all the programming and language features are available, not all peripheral features are supported (please read section Limitations on this page).

The following features are available in the JControl Firmware at hand:

  • Graphics programming using primitive elements (lines, ovals, etc.),
  • Implementation of complex GUIs on basis of the GUI framework JControl/Wombat,
  • Touch screen,
  • TCP/IP,
  • I2C.


The following limitations are imposed in the demo version:

  • A "demo" logo is always visible on the display,
  • fixed bootloader image,
  • no USB support,
  • no MMC support,
  • no CAN support.

A customized version of the JControl Firmware without the restrictions of the demo version can be obtained from DOMOLOGIC. Please contact us for further information.

System Requirements

In order to use the JControl BSP for the COBRA5329KIT, the following equipment is required:

  • A Windows PC (98/ME/2000/XP). For installing the firmware, applications can be developed and uploaded under Windows and Linux,
  • COBRA5329KIT,
  • BDM interface (e.g. Cobra Connect from senTec Elektronik).

The JControl BSP makes use of the following hardware extensions, additionally to the COBRA5329KIT:

  • 320*240 pixel color TFT display (is available from EBV Elektronik under part number COBRA5329-TFT),
  • Touch Screen.

While the JControl Virtual Machine does not depend on these features, the demos bundled with the JControl BSP require them to work in a meaningful way. However, it is possible to write and run headless applications with the JControl BSP.